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bed room or kitchen or pooja room or in store room?

shruthifem: bedroom chennagirute andukondiene aforapple: ok, ninu nannavala hair band clip tegi, avala kudalu loose madu, kudalu adjust madkollovaga avala sexy under arms record madu aforapple: nimmavarige nannavala under arms andre ista, muddu madali shruthifem: sare re..

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aforapple: means shruthifem: batte aforapple: panche shruthifem: nanu sere nali eratine aforapple: nannavalu sire aforapple: ok aforapple: nannavala sire okkalikelakke iralu, avlaa blouse back less irali, transparent low neck aforapple: avala mai tumba odave galu irali, mangalasutra kuda shruthifem: ohh ramesh nivu helodu,, enu andare,, nima, hendtiya mate nammora kamadata na nanu record mada beku...

adake avaru aaga aage guide madtare anthana,,, shruthifem: andare avalu shiffan sere na uttkondarli anta na,,, eeaga length kami ero sere bandive short adare body ge tight agi eruthe antha sarees ...

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