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Brooklyn and husband Andy Roddick are already parents to 21-month-old son Hank "For me, since I grew up with a mum who worked gruelling hours, literally saving lives as an ICU nurse, she instilled in me at a very young age that I needed to work," she told ], I didn't have a choice, I went back to work in three weeks.

"For me, I think after you have a baby, you're in this sort of weird utopia.

She's like, "You need to stand up for yourself, and if you're not going to, I'm going to do it for you! We're probably going to grab drinks and a dinner.

Decker, 30, shared a photo of herself holding the baby on Wednesday, accompanied by the caption, “A newborn, a toddler, a dog in a cone, a dog with a tumor but I’m having a good hair day so it’s fine we’re fine I’m fine.” They are already parents to 2-year-old son Hank.

Decker and Roddick, 35, announced in July that they were expecting.

So often I try to do everything, and I'll just end up making myself nuts. " It's always shocking, and I don't understand.

Glamour: What will you never understand about the opposite sex? It's not my husband by the way, it's my guy friends.

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