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The modern Armenian Gampr looks and behaves much the same as it did when it emerged as a specific breed 3,000 years ago or more.

These large dogs are still used as companions, as well as for guarding livestock, farms, and families today.

In addition to the sheer loss in numbers, most of the Gamprs well renowned bloodlines have disappeared, as well.

Landraces consist of local populations whose development depends less on humans and more on natural selection and geography.Gamprs are extremely rare today, in part because they are not standardized; therefore they do not enjoy the recognition and clout given breeds registered with and recognized by internationally known dog breed associations.Armenian Gamprs are a landrace breed, as opposed to the more familiar and common standardized ones.Landrace breeds such as the Armenian Gampr are the result of the interplay of three factors: the founder effect, isolation, and environmental adaptation.Founders are the particular types of animals that ended up in a certain location by some accident of history; these founders form the entire genetic basis of a landrace breed.

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