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This will be different for every new and can safely be ignored.## Upgrading Armory Using The Secure Downloader (Version 0.91 ) If you do not currently have any version of Armory installed or currently have a version older than 0.91, you should consider verifying the installers via GPG as described above.It's great for mount collectors, achievement hunters, and pet ethusiasts.

For those who've never used it, it's a site that gives you a simplified version of your armory.Hopefully when the new API is updated it will include Toys. When its working properly, Blizzard's Fo S tab will be for obtainable yet difficult achievements like Mount Drops and The Insane.So having a clearly displayed list of obtainable Fo S would make your site awesome.Furthermore, if you already have a copy of Armory 0.91 on your offline computer, you can select the option "_Save with offline-verifiable signature_" before you click the "Download" button.This will save a ***.signed** file which is the regular installer with the cryptographic signatures bundled with it.

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