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But TCF manages to make us feel personally accountable.It has always been a really beautiful association and at a certain point it matters the most because it is just about the kids and me, the expectations they have of me are a duty that I personally owe to them.We all work, we have studied, we have families and friends, all activities that we partake in for some benefit or the other, for instance, working long hours for a paycheck, studying hard so that you could manage to get that job in the first place, giving time to your family and friends because relationships are important.Volunteering for me has been one way, apart from everything I’ve stated so far that has just been by me, for me.

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Rice’s undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 6-to-1.

It is a mentorship strategy that has professionals volunteer to mentor a class of 12-15 year olds, which as we all know, is a very impressionable age, in terms of character development as well as setting a course – career wise. How would you define an average day of your volunteering session at Rahbar programme?

Establishing a course today, so that it can lead to a better future tomorrow is not an impromptu exercise; we all have to adhere to a preset curriculum that is tailor-made to address some of the children? ZA: As most of us volunteers are working in our jobs all week long, the Rahbar programme is operational over weekends.

I have been Zoya Baji for way longer than I was Ms. I came out of the experience having gained way more than I could ever hope to impart, that? What were some of the hurdles, if any, that you faced during your volunteering?

ZA: Living in Karachi, everyone is aware of the security situation and lack thereof.

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