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He later goes to LORD Technology labs and kidnaps Maxwell Lord to get him to fix his suit.

Kara later learns that a reactor meltdown Superman stopped in the past killed Reactron's wife.

Kal, now operating as the superhero Superman in Metropolis, puts Kara in the care of the Danvers in National City.

Twelve years later, Kara, working at the media conglomerate Cat Co, reveals her powers as a vigilante.

As Kara and Astra fight, Hank injures Astra with a Kryptonite knife and Alex kills the Hellgrammite.

Learning that Kara has become more powerful than she had imagined and that humanity has a means of weakening Kryptonians, Astra muses that her "plans" may need to be postponed.

In an effort to put a positive image on Supergirl in the wake of a serious mishap, Kara asks Winn and James to help her perfect her skills, while Hank and Alex put Kara through extensive physical training.Kara learns that an alien of the Hellgrammite species who escaped from Fort Rozz, Alura's prison, is on Earth searching for chlorine-based food.The DEO prepares an ambush for the Hellgrammite, but it escapes, kidnaps Alex, and takes her to Astra, who uses Alex as a trap for Kara.During a party Cat organized, Krull breaks in to find Supergirl.While James distracts Reactron, Kara covers her hand in lead so that she can use it to safely remove the power core in Krull's suit and defeat him.

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