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The world is a better, more inclusive place because of their music.Amy Ray, just like the majority of her 90’s female rock colleagues, choose the most traditional and orthodox songs to be the lead singles for their projects, and it’s really a shame because the majority of the albums these songs represent are varied, thoughtful and diverse affairs.

It’s in no way a bad song itself, but it’s utterly conventional, with power-pop chords strummed on electric guitar over a 4/4 beat and a somewhat catchy melody. To mark the much-beloved duo’s 30th anniversary, we wanted to say “thank you” to Amy and Emily for everything they have given us over the years …the art and the activism, the influences and the inspirations.They carry emotional truths that burn through time and space, touching something eternal.The songs of the Indigo Girls pointed me home to me, when I needed it most — a date with destiny, a divine decree.

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