Brett salisbury dating

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(born July 5, 1989) His public image is that of an honest kid from Georgia discovered by former America's Next Top Model judge Nolé Marin via his My Space pics. In fact, he says, "he'd likely be in jail or dead today if he hadn't been plucked off the street in 1991 by an editor from the hip-hop magazine The Source." Through that connection (The Source), he hooked up with a New York agency, and within months, Beckford was before the lenses of Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: O'Pry is currently the second most successful male model in the world behind Baptiste Giabiconi on list of the Top 50 international male models, as of June 2010. It was Weber who first brought the model to Lauren, who nabbed him for the company's sport, fragrance and body lines.

where he graduated in 1985 with a BA in Economics and played varsity football. On that trip, he was told his football playing days were over but he was spotted by a casting director.

Eventually, his trips to New York for auditions lead to him a meeting with the . Hoyt's heyday modeling career lasted fifteen years with over 200 major ads and hundreds of commercials.

He never had given modeling a thought, but his sister was convinced otherwise.

She took several photos and sent them to a modeling agency in Hamburg, Mega Models.

He is still considered in his time as the "most beautiful man in show business," and a male super model." , born April 26, 1981.

Prior to modeling, Burmeister worked part-time as a mechanic.

At the same time, Lars became one of the most desired faces in the print world, appearing in Vogue, GQ, and Cosmopolitan amongst others.

Brett worked as a special bookings model for 5 years and was not asked to go to a single casting call while living in scandinavia.

Sallisbury played a rookie lifeguard for the summer of 1997 on says, Brett was becoming a "national celebrity" as he had just been chosen the country of Finlands sexiest male, then at the peak of his career he unexpectedly decided to move back to the United States, a decision we still regret to this day as he was the most photographed and requested special bookings male model in scandinavian history who filled the room with his humility and charisma." VOGUE: "Salisbury's biggest criticism: Leaving the modeling world too soon in France, Milan and Scandinavia to pursue a career in football and as a nutritionist in the United States.

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