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This feeling is further strengthened by the art, in which “K” does look a little familiar.There is also a “Woody Allen-esque” sense to proceedings, with the art having a self-deprecating vibe, garnered from how great the girls look to how weedy and feeble “K” can seem.Following an eighteen month relationship, that fell apart, “K” sets up a new single life complete with the idea of remaining alone.His roommate however, has different ideas and quicker than you can say “Sheldon, this is Amy Farrah-Fowler” he is registered on Love Bug, a dating site for the hip, the trendy and the uber busy.Sure, the way that “K” becomes an addict may seem extreme, but it is grounded in the real world as every new encounter seems to draw “K” away from his true purpose of finding love and replacing it with having sex; each time taking just a little bit more of his soul. I will say that I didn’t think that “K” had a chance with some of the women he met.

But on the good note it’s the most common conversation starter, meaning he wants to get to know you more but isn’t sure what to say.

What follows are the trials and trepidations of dating, the euphoria of making a connection and the peaks and troughs of love, sex and the feelings that are created possibly, between two people.

I am a fan Koren Shadmi since reading The Abbadon last year.

This might mean he really likes you and he just can’t put what he wants to say into words thus he sent you a simple how are.

When guys like a girl, their minds can get jumbled.

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