Canadian single chrisitans dating

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Related pages: - Famous Scientists who were Christians - Famous "Born-Again" Christians - Christian Science Fiction Writers - Largest Christian Communities - Box Office Performance of Christian Movies - Names of "Christian" Politicians Related websites: - 131 Christians Everyone Should Know - - Wiki: List of Christians - Wiki: Category: Christians by Denomination - Wiki: List of Christian Entertainers - Famous Christians in History - Christian Influences in the Sciences - Portraits of Great Christians - Profiles of Famous Christians - James Kiefer's Christian Biographies This list of famous Christians mainly includes people in entertainment, such as TV, movies, sports and music. Attorney General Christopher Darden - Lawyer, prosecutor in O. Simpson case Elizabeth Dole - director of American Red Cross; U. Senator from North Carolina Stonewall Jackson - (1824-1863) Confederate general in Civil War Alan Keyes - U. Presidential candidate, politician, radio host Steve Largent - U. House of Representative from Oklahoma, former professional football player Robert E.

These are people who are famous because of their careers, not because they are Christians. There are many other excellent resources with information on historical Christian leaders, writers, clergy, etc. Lee - Confederate General Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) - U.

Smith; Sons of the San Joaquin; Gwen Stefani; James Stewart; Tonea Stewart; Darryl Strawberry; Stryper; A.

Mccheyne; Sam Jones; Solomon Ginsburg; Ulrich Zwingli; Wesley Clark; William Borden; William Carey Bridget of Kildare; Catherine Winkworth; David P. Schereschewsky; Samuel Seabury; Albert the Great; Damien; Dante Alighieri; Evelyn Underhill; Olga and Vladimir; Teresa of Avila; The Virgin Mary; Thomas Bray; Bernadette of Lourdes; Janani Luwum; Joseph Butler; Margaret, Queen of Scotland; Ninian of Galloway; Antony of Egypt; Bartolome de Casas; Dorothy L Sayers; Erik of Sweden; Hildegard of Bingen; Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln; Ignatius of Antioch; Onesimus; Patrick; Bernard Mizeki; Confession of Peter; Cyril of Jerusalem; Dag Hammarskjold; Florence Nightingale; Hilda of Whitby; Luke the Evangelist; Martin of Erfurt; William Porcher Du Bose; Alphege of Canterbury; Dunstan of Canterbury; Elizabeth, Princess of Hungary; Helena; Jesuit Martyrs of North America; Joseph; Macrina the Younger; Theodore of Tarsus; Wulfstan of Worcester; All Souls; Athanasius; Chad of Lichfield; Channing Moore Williams; James Lloyd Breck; Martyrs of Lyons; Martyrs of New Guinea; Alcuin; Bernard of Clairvaux; Cuthbert of Lindisfarne; Edmund, King of East Anglia; Fabian, Bishop and Martyr; John C Patteson; Rasmus Jensen; Sojourner Truth; Agnes of Rome; Anselm of Canterbury; Blaise Pascal; Dionysius of Alexandria; John Eliot; Matthew; Onesimos Nesib; Peter Damian; Thomas Ken; Thomas the Apostle; Alban; C. Lewis; Edward King; James De Koven; Mary Magdalene; Vincent of Saragossa; Birgitta of Sweden; Clement of Rome; Gregory the Illuminator; James of Jerusalem; Ludwig Nommensen; Phillips Brooks; Polycarp; Toyohiko Kagawa; Bartholomew; Francis de Sales; Jonathan Edwards; Martyrs of Armenia; Matthias; Nicolaus Copernicus; Thomas a Kempis; Bede the Venerable; Catherine of Alexandria; Conversion of St.

Smith - contemporary Christian musician Noel Paul Stookey - singer with "Peter, Paul, and Mary" John Tesh - musician Vanity - Former singer for Prince Ce Ce Winans - contemporary Christian musician Be Be Winans - contemporary Christian musician P. D - rock band (all members) Chevelle - rock band (all members) Blindside - rock band (all members) George H.

House of Representative, former college football player Dan Quayle - U.

You remember how Jesus said that there was a farmer who sowed good seed in his field.

At night, his enemy went and sowed weeds among his good seeds. So the farmer’s workers asked the farmer, “Sir, the land that you planted is filled with weeds. ”So the farmer replied, “An enemy planted these weeds.”So the workers asked, “Do you want us to go into the field and take out the weeds?

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