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- Complete no less than 2 years of Probation in circuit after Seminary before Ordination.

Nominating Procedure In order to be a CANDIDATE FOR THE MINISTRY OF WORD AND SACRAMENT one needs to: - Be a practicing Christian, committed to Jesus Christ - Feel a clear call to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament - Be a member in full standing of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa for at least 2 years - BE A FULLY ACCREDITED LOCAL PREACHER in order to be nominated - Hold a COMPLETED Higher Certificate in Theology or Ministry (120 credits, NQF 5) from TEEC or a HED registered Institution) with Proclamation as an elective and Wesley Studies with EMMU OR - A COMPLETED Higher Certificate in Theology (120 credits, NQF 5) from SMMS OR - Have completed required credits at Diploma or Degree level with a HED registered Institution with Proclamation as an elective and Wesley Studies with EMMU - Have attended District School of Vocation for a minimum period of 1 year The MCSA requires the following academic courses from TEE College.

If Mike Slaughter and Adam Hamilton can’t work out a way to bring a systemic or structural change to the UMC, who can?

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- Candidates accepted by Conference will attend the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary full time for at least 3 years.- Bishops send the names of applicants to EMMU no later than 31st July.- The EMMU will send to the applicant the necessary forms to be completed and submitted to EMMU no later than 31st October.Were there changes that the UMC could have made in their structures that would have allowed you to stay affiliated?I lost hope in the UMC making changes to it’s structure in a helpful way after the last General Conference.

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