Cf patients dating

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Your doctor can take your blood and send it to a lab for tests to see if you are a carrier for any one of nine diseases.There should be no cost other than office and lab co-payments since insurance companies acknowledge the possibility of higher risk in the Jewish population. Alternatively you can get tested through Dor Yesharim, a Jewish organization that tests for one of five diseases.Please listen to the advice of this author and, I would add, try to test even before dating.You never know when things are going to get serious.

Should you be a carrier, check the other person's status as soon as possible in a relationship.

I feel I have to use my voice to reach out to others and to inform the Jewish community to be aware.

I pray that I will one day understand why I've been tested in this way. There are two ways you can check your status -- directly and indirectly.

But when it really counted, I was severely disappointed. I urge anyone in the dating world to get tested and become more aware. I am 100% healthy, but the result of a union with another carrier can lead to a sick child.

Should this happen to you, you are not alone; people have been down this path before. I can only pray that with hindsight I will come to see that the choices I've made -- and the choices that have been made for me -- are for the best. We can choose to get crushed beneath them or to rise above them. My situation is not futile if others benefit from it.

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