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I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!! It’s one story from what will eventually be eight points of view, extended just a little with every one.

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The comic tells her story through her eyes and tells the ups and downs of her life, including the prejudice she faces from those she should have been able to trust most to accept her."In the authors words: "Portside Stories is a webcomic about trans teens dealing with gender, queerness, and small weird feelings, in a story that spans from elementary school into young adulthood in the fictional city of Portside.

The webcomic weaves itself through the lives of best friends Miharu, Fuuko and Reika as they work through growing up, family expectations and becoming oneself. A teenage lesbian romance, it tackles a lot of issues faced by young queer people around family, school and what’s going on on the inside. I hardly need tell you anything more than the tagline: ‘Pregnant Nun: Holy Crap! Sister Claire is a very sweet nun who has been given the honour of being pregnant with the messiah. This has been a pretty light-hearted post, but I want to leave you with something more serious.

I’d also recommend you check out the Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project.

Emily has become two years younger and Ash has swapped sexes completely, and is now a girl.

In order to make things the way they were, they must play along to ensure that Rumisiel (the Angel who caused this mess in the first place!

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