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Later, she was appalled to see her child wearing the T-shirt through the mall.On the front it said, "A Family is Forever." On the back: "Be Smart, Don't Start." One busy Saturday as I was leaving for work and my husband was leaving for the temple, our 11-year-old asked who was going to fix breakfast. He replied, "Would this be a good time to use my 72-hour kit?Later that night, back at the camp, they saw a figure moving towards them. The LDS soldier reached into his jacket and pulled out a pocket version Book of Mormon with a bullet lodged in it.Holding it high in the air he exclaimed, "Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets through Second Nephi! A baby in the nearby nursery was crying, making it difficult for the Bishop to conduct the meeting. After a couple of minutes he returned and continued the meeting -- not a sound was heard from the baby. Saint Peter meets him at the gates and takes him on a tour.

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" "I'm calling from Salt Lake City." During the Vietnam War, a group of soldiers were ambushed.In the next room contains people of various Islamic faiths reading the Qur'an, and the next has Catholics reading the Bible. This rouses the man's curiosity and he asks, "Who is in that room, sir?" "Well," Peter replies, "that is the room with the Mormons.MO - Mormon NO MO - Non-Mormon NO MO' MO - Ex-Mormon MO NOPOLY - Utah MO TOWN - Provo MO PEDS - People walking across the street to Temple Square or the MTC in Provo. PO MO - A financially challenged Mormon MO LASSES - Mormon Babes!! Ward Council Meeting Ward Council Meeting w/ written report Presidency Meetings PEC Sacrament Meeting Sunday School Priesthood 3-hour Sunday Block (best value) PLEASE NOTE: Surcharge of 10% for stake meetings ___________________________________________________________________ Call us at 1-822-752-2537. PLEASE NOTE: Because of heavy volume, an extra will be added for the last day of the month.MO TEL - Bishop's interview, tithing settlement, church court, etc. This family had 7 nephews that I am unable to find. ___________________________________________________________________ Talks and Lessons Did a bishopric member call and assign you a talk?

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