Coldfusion dating script

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Do consider though that there's probably more CF devs than say clojure, go or devs, so I'm not sure if I'd call it an "obscure" language.

I've done most of my development in CF, but have written production code in ASP, PHP, very little Perl, ASP. I certainly don't use it for everything anymore, but it's still my "go to" when whatever app I'm creating is overkill (or just fundamentally different) from WP/Drupal etc.There are so many pointless debates on the net (i.e Coldfusion- lol wut) which I can't be bothered to engage with - ultimately for me, it's kept me happily (and easily) in work for the past 10 years, but I'd be a fool to rely solely on language, and any developer worth their salt learns multiple, which is why I've spent the last two years getting better at j Query, PHP, and I think I'll start Django/Python soon (or at least try it) just to keep the oar in :)Here are my thoughts.The short answer is that most people who use it continue to do so because they know it well, can accomplish things quickly, and find it to be very powerful.I ftp into the server and start looking around, hoping to find that it's . I suspect whoever built it just knew CF as their primary language.Net MVC, or PHP, or maybe even Ruby but guess what? And it's not even some legacy code from 15 years ago, but apparently quite modern CF using a MVC-like pattern and Couchdb. Same as any other situation; you just see so much less of CF so it seems strange.

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