College dating violence articles

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Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are men.

CDC 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Teen dating violence: More males than females victims of physical violence Violence Against Women Survey Full Rpt.

Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence, more often psychologically abused Help is available Are You Battered or Abused?

Why Men Don't Do Anything About It Why Men Don't Get Help?

SWCLAP is the Parent Organization of the: Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations, Services, Training, Access and Resources - SAFESTAR National Tribal Trial College The National Indian Country Clearinghouse on Sexual Assault - NICCSA This project is supported by grant numbers 2008-TA-AX-K0-TA-AX-K001 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, United States Department of Justice.

Using the system to batter Battering is emotional and psychological, as well as physical. Hitting below the belt Easy to get, hellish to deal with, restraining orders have become the ultimate weapon in domestic disputes, says Cathy Young in Salon.

It's about control, like using the system to impoverish him and keep him from the kids. 835,000 men a year according to latest National Violence Against Women Survey. Deadlier Than the Male So says UK author Melanie Phillips, about violent women.

Research Findings on Violence Against Men A Power Point presentation with graphics on violence against men.

CDC 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey More men than women victims of intimate partner physical violence, psychological aggression.

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