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Adriana Figueroa (adrisaurus) is a vocalist best known for her popular covers of gaming and animation-related songs on You Tube, where her videos have garnered more than 100 million views.

In addition to her work online, she has provided vocals professionally for video games such as SMITE and various indie favourites, working with composers and collaborators internationally.

Allegriana (A-leg-ree-ana) first entered the con scene in 2008 as “The Chainmail Chick,” a fantasy art and pinup model best known for her impressively impractical wardrobe of metal bikinis.

Since then, she’s branched out into producing art and costumes of her own, both cosplay and original designs, and her costume work has been seen on the Discovery Channel.

Alex Ogle is a visual storyteller and freelance artist.

Currently illustrating "The Godfather Gang" a graphic novel to be published by Regan Arts.

Prop Maker, Costume Fabricator, Robot Builder, Rocket Scientist.

As the Founder and Executive Director of the animation resource and staffing agency, My Animation Life, she primarily focuses on connecting artists in the animation pipeline with clients.

Ama Lee is voice actress and vocalist, known as "Leeand Lie" on You Tube where she has gained over 1 million subscribers and 350 million views for her English covers of anime and video-game songs.

Under the credit name Amanda Lee, she has provided voices for English dubs of anime and video games, such as “Akiho" in Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, “Crusch Lulu” in Overlord II, “Queen Otohime” in One Piece, and Customizable Female Voice #12 in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2, among others!

In addition to drawing comics, Adam spends his free time expressing himself with watercolors and illustration.

He is passionate about encouraging young artists and strives to be an approachable, welcoming presence in the comics industry.

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