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“The idea of getting a second chance, however small it may be, is very powerful.” Sheer curiosity about the feature’s popularity inspired Brooklyn-based Dorothy Gambrell, a graphics editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, to do some digging a few years ago.

She scanned through posts from all over the country, eventually creating a graphic for Psychology Today that depicted geographic patterns.

But his high-profile standing can make it awkward for him to pursue any interests that aren’t purely professional.

“In the corner of your mind you’re always thinking: If I wasn’t here in this capacity right now and was attending as random guest A, I would love to talk to that person,” he said.

She believes the anonymous quality of missed connections is part of what makes them so appealing. We tend to believe in “interpersonal magic,” such as love at first sight, says Stanford University sociology professor Michael Rosenfeld.

“Some people will find you funny and laugh at your jokes in a way that makes you feel smart and attractive, and other people will look at you like you’re crazy when you tell the same joke,” he said.

“You feel like going through the screen and asking someone why they didn’t.” Thomas Edwards — who works as a “professional wingman” who trains people to approach potential love interests in person — isn’t surprised by these statistics.

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It’s “baloney” to claim that online dating has undermined interpersonal relationships, says Rosenfeld, who considers the Craigslist posts to be a “direct analog for …“Still up to this day, a lot of people meet here for the first time or have first dates here.That helped.” Montilla couldn’t remember why the coffeehouse got rid of the site, though he said the posts were “dwindling” after a while.Wegman, 33, once received a response to a Missed Connection post, though his expectations have shifted with the rise of dating apps.People are more likely to turn to Bumble or Tinder than Craigslist in pursuit of a relationship, but he doesn’t think that means the pages are done for.

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