Dating a former gang member

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For a gold chain his life was cut short,” said Lewis, who told NBC that she survived a suicide attempt and was placed on medication to help recuperate.

Bennett had helped lead Brooklyn’s Canarsie High School soccer team to championships and aspired to become a professional athlete, his mother recalled.

To combat this surge, NYPD top officials said Monday that 330 officers will leave administrative duties to hit the streets in high crime areas.

This is part of the department’s ‘Summer All Out Program,’ which begins June 8.

And it’s not right.” Crimes involving acid have doubled in London in the past three years, figures show, and include 45 instances of the crime in April alone.

Experts blame the fact that acid is easily bought over the counter in certain shops, and because of a crackdown on knives and guns.

At the march, relatives like Maxine Lewis, whose 16-year-old son, Carlton Locksley Bennett died from a gunshot wound to the head 22 years ago, spoke out against street violence.

He said culprits also opted for the liquid because if they are caught using it in an attack, they serve up to six months in prison – compared to at least four years for a fatal knife crime.Ryan Blair was the kind of kid who was always looking for an angle. His childhood in Torrance, California, included an abusive, meth-addicted father, two siblings in prison, friends who committed suicide, and more than one trip to juvenile hall for his gang-related activities.So, when his mother asked a wealthy man she was dating to have a chat with him to set him straight, he agreed.“I was hoping he’d give me some money,” Blair says.“NYPD has created a friction with youths.”The march ended at the Flatbush Gardens Housing Projects, where a resource fair was arranged for youth job opportunities, summer programs and educational resources.Acid has become the favoured weapon in gang wars in Britain because unlike a knife it can be thrown from a distance and easily concealed, a youth worker said.

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