Dating and texting for women

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Many women kick and fight against this concept but have you honestly ever had this work out?

Have you ever been assertive with a guy and had him reciprocate your interest?

(This means you will be the one to ask him out, he won’t do it ever) Make sure you ONLY text when he does and it wouldn’t hurt to forget to sms back every once in a while.

Never chase a guy over text – Probably the biggest mistake ladies make not only with texting guys, and also in creating relationships with them.

The reason why is because this is the MALE role not the female.

If you are the one chasing him over text or in person he sits back and lets you do all the work, then he does his best to sleep with you and disappears shortly after.

It can also be counterintuitive–playing it too ‘by the books’ when you’re texting makes the other person think they’ve won you over and there’s no challenge.

[Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush and keep them interested] #3 Not checking in on her.Texting before the first date can be tricky or helpful, depending on how you play it. But if you don’t text at all, they might assume you’re not serious about meeting.I would probably need more than two hands to count on my fingers the number of times I’ve agreed on a date, but leading up to it either: – She’s had a change of plans. I’ve even had it when a day and time goes by without either of us acknowledging it because I totally forgot. Other times, we both maintained a text conversation that builds a cool excitement in the days leading up to the first date. However, it’s usually the guy chasing the girl more, so usually it’s the guy who needs to crank the brakes a little to show that he has quality options.When texting a guy I know it is really frustrating when he doesn’t take the situation with as much severity.To win, you need to show some self-restraint and understand that he may not consider messaging you as important as you do.

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