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The fronts were usually brass (later, chrome) with slogans and company names on them. There are hundreds of different versions and these are collected, but not avidly! Many of the buttons made are for military uses and represent every individual regiment.

Birmingham was the centre of the world’s button-making.

Badge Collectors Circle There are also some notes on buttonmakers included in the page Brummagem Brass.

'Brass buttons have been made by the million and in a variety of designs that excites specialisation within the hobby.

The most utilitarian button was the ubiquitous brass trouser button. (Clare Court & Drury Lane.) (1826) P & S Firmin (1837) Firmin & King. ) Firmin & Sons LD 153 Strand London (1876-1894) Firmin & Sons LD 135 Strand London (error) (1876-1894) Firmin & Sons LD 153 Strand, 47 Warwick St.

They have a similar date to overall buttons - from late Victorian to the 1930’s. (13 Condiut St.) (1838) Firmin & Sons 153 Strand (-1875) Firmin & Sons 153 Strand London (-1875) Firmin & Sons 153 Strand & 13 Conduit St. London (1880-1894) Firmins 47 Warwick Street W London (1879-1904) Firmin & Sons LTD 6 Warwick St., Regent St London (date?

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