Dating cyber snooper

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A man who does that fits my definition of a traitor.

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Parker says: ‘Most of the people who try to become involved in terrorism are born and brought up here, have come through our education system and nonetheless concluded the country of their birth is their enemy.’Identifying such foes is the foremost challenge for the intelligence services.

In the basement are endless computers, five acres of them in all, trawling tens of millions of our personal communications for key words or phrases that can alert intelligence officers to a possible terrorist link. National Security Agency geek Edward Snowden fled to Moscow and proclaimed all that he knew about British and American eavesdropping.

The Director-General of MI5, Andrew Parker (pictured), said in an unprecedented BBC Radio 4 interview last week that in the past year his service has foiled six terrorist plots at home and a further nine overseas GCHQ is the lineal descendant of Bletchley Park, the first great metropolis of codebreaking, which represented one of Britain’s finest achievements in World War II, and is commemorated by a small museum inside the Cheltenham electronic fortress. Terrorists use ever more sophisticated encryption techniques, as the UK’s anti-terror tsar David Anderson revealed in a deeply worrying report in June.

I can’t speak for you, but I know my answer to that question.

I was sexually and physically abused as a kid, and raped in my early 20s.

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