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The appeal of "Little Squirt" was immediate, and Bishop subsequently broadened the brand's attraction to consumers and trade alike. In Bishop's opinion, it was the freshest, most exciting taste in the marketplace. With unique advertising, Squirt became a popular soft drink in many parts of the country.In addition to being a well-liked soft drink, Squirt established itself as a mixer in the 1950s.Like traditional marketing campaigns, influencer marketing campaigns can run the gamut in detail, scope, involvement, and execution. Pepper’s final strategy included an integrated, multi-platform marketing push, their campaign started small (a simple Twitter contest) then leveled up.Whether a campaign consists of a one-off You Tube integrated video sponsorship or involves sponsoring year long dedicated posts with social amplification from 20 top bloggers, the best growth may occur from selecting the correct social media platforms, influencers, and engagement format, then replicating the successful campaign as opposed to scaling by launching an all encompassing, multi-platform endeavor.Bishop and his partner Ed Mehren understood the need for promotion and advertising to compete in the soft drink marketplace.In 1941, they created a likable character and named him "Little Squirt" to personify the brand.The knuckle-dusters, truncheons and jackboots in the first case of a new exhibition on 'Hitler and the Germans' in Berlin sets the tone for a stark look at how German society embraced the Nazi regime in all its brutality.While lots of memorabilia is on show, from SS and Gestapo uniforms to a sideboard from Hitler's office, the exhibition shows how all levels of German society - media, industry, the church, schools -- built up the Hitler cult in the 1930s and clung to it through World War II until defeat was imminent.

While it's okay to pioneer and test influencer marketing strategies, aligning with longstanding industry veterans who can not only navigate the space, but also provide best practice experience and previous campaign case studies, ensures the best rate of success for influencer marketing campaigns. Bringing the right social media stars on board (and all on the same creative vision in perfect harmony with your brand) is not an easy or overnight task.Having the right data and metrics is one thing -- personal relations, scheduling, and coordinating multiple work flows for seamless, productive execution is an entirely different beast.However, for campaigns involving a physical destination, choosing a location that's popular, high-profile (conducive to social media sharing), or an existing location where your target consumer frequents is strategic. Pepper orchestrated their influencer marketing strategy with Times Square in mind: a destination landmark location bustling with foot traffic.Before influencer marketing, advertisers invested heavily into videography, creative agencies, studios, and much more to creating a 30-sec TV spot with little to no direct and actionable viewer engagement. Pepper are putting the power of content creation directly into the hands of social media stars and their consumer fans.

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