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The word cut refers to the cutting of the loops from which the pile id formed. “ This velvet has a surface covered with tufts of pile, which may cover it entirely in the case of solid or plain velvets, or else may be arranged so as to form a pattern, leaving part of the ground weave uncovered (cut voided velvet).

(Landini 1) In uncut velvet the loops are not cut and therefore the velvet is not tuft-piled, but comprised of small loops of fibre which form a loop pile. “ This is obtained through the use of rods with a round cross-section, inserted so as to raise the pile warp and subsequently removed as the weaving operation progresses.

The park has since faced immense public pressure, dropping ticket sales, and a decreased fan base.

Video: Sea World Orca Purposely Beaches Herself After Park Show!

It: Veluto figurato/broccato This term is often incorrectly used for voided velvet.

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Are you seeking for 4 Piece Wrought Iron Ring Fireplace Tool Set With Stand By Uniflame Corporation google , bing ,yahoo ?More unusual cores are also known; including wool, horsetail hair." "This is a figured fabric that has just one warp and one weft, with motifs created by the opposition of two different weaves, generally the front and back of the satin. A contrasting effect is achieved, too, with the weft yarns so that the same colour appears in the pattern as in the background. It is a heavy fabric, usually made now of cotton, viscose, acrylic or mixtures. In some cases the wrong side is often attractive enough not to need lining." "This is a figured fabric that has just two warps and at least two wefts.This fabric is used in furnishings, but with specific patterns; also used widely in apparel." "Very old type of figured fabric, first made of silk in Damascus..fabric has satin floats on a warp satin background; the surface design runs in the opposite direction from those in the background....a figured fabric made with one warp and one weft in which, generally, warp-satin and weft-sateen weaves are used. The ground warp works with one main weft, while the pattern is established by floats of pattern or brocading wefts, bound by the ends of the binding warp (in a binding system), usually tabby or twill." - cut velvet (tufted pile) It: Veluto - uncut velvet (looped pile) It: Veluto riccio - cisele velvet (pile comprised of both tufted pile and loop pile) - pile-on-pile velvet (velvet comprised of varying heights of pile) It: Altabasso or Soprariccio - polychrome velvet (multiple piles in two or more colours) - voided velvet (no-pile background, pattern in cut or uncut or combination piles) It: Veluto figurato - brocaded velvet (with introduced gold and silver wefts). Two days after the tragic death of Sea World's famed whale Tilikum on Friday, the theme park put on its FINAL Shamu show.As we previously reported, Sea World faced immense backlash following the release of animal rights documentary Blackfish, an exposé which revealed the dangers of breeding and keeping whales in captivity.

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