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The odd class 40 used to turn up, but the best was 45022 Lytham St Annes.

The only 'namer' I remembered seeing in about 10 years (although half the trains used to arrive and leave in darkness.

Me and a fried used to hide under the tree when the train came to Charrington Hargreaves during the summer.

The wheels went past not 4 feet from you and you whole body used to vibrate due to the engine noise. One night it stopped right next to us and we had to stay hidden while the crew walked about and smoked for about half an hour.

I also remember once when the train crew were arguing as they had forgotten the key to the gate that closed off the sidings to the oil tanks.

Eventually they reversed the loco and simply smashed through the gates at about 20mph.

We used them as a make-shift see-saw as they formed a almost perfect 270 curve. The trains didn't vary much and were generally 47308, 47373 or 47277.

Application number 2017/93488 is already a lot of ill feeling against this by the local residents and I may be writing to the council before the 13th November deadline to try to oppose this application. Standing on the track bed facing toward Liversedge. The site of one of the last parts of the line to stay open. Liversedge Spen station next to Listing Lane visible in the background on the left hand photo. The line in the foreground is the L&Y Mirfield to Low Moor. R made a new connection at Heckmondwike Spen Goods yard, see Leeds New Line page 2 between the L & Y Ravensthorpe branch & The Leeds New Line to Liversedge Spen.

This smart looking house originally built on Church street, was moved in 1887. R re-housed a number of people displaced by the construction of the railway in Battyeford & Heckmondwike 126 houses were acquired by the L. The bridges are (in order of appearance) - Cemetery road, Upper George street, Victoria street & King street. Click here to see selection of Spen Valley railway tickets & handbills. The remaining single track from the Charrington Hargreaves oil terminal at Liversedge, curves through the cutting at Heckmondwike, 1981. This was to supply the Charrington Hargreaves oil terminal at the former Liversedge Spen Goods Yard.

The deep cutting next to Walkley Lane and Walkley Terrace may be getting infilled to allow the building of 96 houses. The railway company was obliged to re-house people within one mile of the houses they were demolishing.

What they are going to infill such a large cutting with isn't stated in the application. This section of line between the Lancashire & Yorkshire line at Heckmondwike Spen goods yard & the oil terminal at Liversedge, remained open up until 1986 (one track only).

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