Dating someone who constantly cancels

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I hope that if you talk to her about it that she will understand how annoying and hurtful it is. :)if you still want to be friends with her, then schedule your events and call here when it is happening already. I am going to be more careful about where i invite her from now on.

i am sure she will come, if she does intend to come in the first place. Maybe your advice to only call spur of the moment would work! She doesn't have that many friends so that would really suck!

Or if you know that she is going to be home then call her last minute to come over and hang out. At any rate, she's probably just not very organized, but also not really appreciating/respecting you and her other friends. She always calls to make plans or to ask me to make plans for a group but then she cancels last minute bc she is too tired. She seems happy but she is a sensitive person...maybe I should be paying more attention for signs of depression instead of worrying about my plans being cancelled. It seems to me that she is not a very good ffriend if she continually cancels.

Anything that is full proof or won't screw up your plans is best. I'd stop asking her to do things, or asking her to do things in groups so that if she doesn't show up, you can still go and have a good time. Appearently this so called friend likes to keep her calandar full and this way if nothing better comes along then she has you to fall back on.

One of my very good friends always cancels and/or reschedules plans with me at the last minute.

I would say one out of every three times she will cancel, regardless of whether I invited her or she invited me.

i do think however, that you are just a "backup friend" for her. She works too long of hours and she spends so much time volunteering, I think she is just overly ampbitious when she makes plans.hi, as you said she is your good friend, so this is not the proper way to solve things.

yes i agree that you would not feel like making arrangements or plans, but just dumping her off will only leave a deep scar in your relationship forever.

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i have a friend who keeps cancelling on me too, which makes me so mad! i don't know why, maybe he's a good companion and i like going out with him. as for your friend, you can still be friends with her but since you're tired of her always cancelling on you, maybe you could try not to ask her out for a while. Don't give up this uneasy friendship,but make friends with others as well. For me,if a friend of me always cancel our dating at the last minute,to be honest, I do feel disappointed but I don't mind because she has her own life and if she cancel our dating,there must something more important than the dating. So next time I will invite her again but if she cancel it, I can do something else. They're there to be your friend but they can't even organize herself. We have important things to do, and our lives don't depend son her. She's somewhat ashamed of what she did, and now she does call up and makes sure she's there.

As you are telling she is your very good friend so first find out why then she exhibits such strange behaviour--whether she also considers you of the same value as you consider her.

A person who cannot keep words times and again and fails to meet the commitment not only has weakness of character but also a disgrace in the name of friendship--because she does not value your sentiments and does not respect your decisions.

what i would suggest is that at least talk to her for once about how hurt you get.

since she is your good friend, you should be very straightforward to her and talk to her.maybe there are few problems going on with her which she feels shy to share with you.

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