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The ones in Greece were given the name "Koutsovlachoi" from a misinterpretation of the Turkish word for"Little Vlachia," which is what the Turks called the area of Thessaly during the occupation, as opposed to "Big Vlachia," which was the area around the Danube River.Vlachoi call themselves "Armani" in their dialect, which comes from the Byzantine and Roman times, and it was the name given to those who spoke latin in the eastern empire.Given the high-profile nature of her relationship with Ben, perhaps it's not surprising that Lopez is often the subject of those rumors.Yes, the tabloids have been persistent in their claims that Affleck and Lopez are getting back together, with some even going so far as to report that Garner gave Affleck the boot after she found out he was still in communication with Jen One.Sure, sources from both camps have flat out denied the rumor, with one rep dismissing the report as "stupid," but we prefer to live in a world where true love will always find a way - and it's always 2001.* pops in Linkin Park CD, weeps gently * Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, y'all.

Sounds like a remake of the "Jenny From the Block" album is on its way!Also, for our m IRC users we will post all of the necessary commands and their functions.You will get the opportunity to watch and listen to radions and Tv stations live, read the Albanian, Kosova, & Macedonia newpapers and much more...Obviously, Affleck eventually moved on to Bennifer 2.0, but the specter of J-Lo forever haunted his marriage like some big-bootied Ghost of Christmas past.At this point, it's been over a year since Affleck split from Jennifer Garner after a decade of marriage, but new rumors about the causes of the separation still seem to surface about once a week.

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