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Here are five thoughts on how to live alone after the death of a spouse.They may not meet your needs, but I hope they help you feel less alone.I’m an introvert and I’d choose to live alone after the death of my spouse because I’ve always been happiest alone. Consider sharing your home with a short-term roommate or tenant.Just like fostering a pet, a short-term rental situation can ease the loneliness and help you cope with living alone after the death of a spouse.I have only just lost you; the pain is hard to bear. I sit here and remember all the lovely times we shared, the talks, the laughter, of everyone you cared.Do I have to go through life knowing you're not there? I am told the pain will ease in time and I will think of him without a tear, but that will be impossible as I need to have him here. Just kiss me softly on the cheek and tell me where you are.In the weeks and months following the loss of your husband, you may be numb with shock.

The solo life after a spouse’s death is one of the biggest transitions you’ll ever experience. This book is a thoughtful collection of inspirations and insights about the grieving process after the death of a spouse.You can and will make it through this difficult time.No matter how you feel – even if you’re unhappy living alone – you can find companions for your journey. Here, you’ll find a combination of practical support and emotional comfort.If you haven’t experienced a loved one’s death, you may be overwhelmed by the variety and surprising emotions you feel!

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