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Plus you will have the opportunity to receive free books and materials from Mr. Site title of Dating to Relating - Meet Women - Advice for men on meeting women, picking up women, dating women, and relating to women. Web site description for dating2is A quality website offering advice for men, advice for women.I was still trim and in good physical shape and didn't quite look my true age, but I was balding and knew I couldn't compete with a hot to learn, however, is that it doesn't hurt to have "good looks" but it is not really important. There are other ways to get a woman's attention.MONEY, good conversation, personality and technique are some that come to mind. I started exploring personal ads, which were big at the time.(And it is with the same age group that I have always been interested in 18-35) My multiple partners kind of combine into one ideal women, but of course.... I really am a monogamous man and would rather be If you try my techniques and they don't work for you.

Once married, I am a good honest man that knows how to treat a woman, emotionally and sexually.

I am not currently married (though I have had about 4 proposals and 4 girls who would marry me in an instant if I asked), because I won't settle for anything less than a beautiful, classy, intelligent and emotionally mature woman, that has a great family and friends, knows what she wants to do with her life exactly, and has many, many things in common with me.

(Unfortunately as of this writing, I haven't found her yet.), etc.) teaching guys stuff in seminars, books, private coaching, etc. Their techniques work, but only with a certain kind of woman. I had experiences that guys typically didn't have.

Most of these relationship I had maintained for years.

Most of the relationships I had developed between 50 and 52 have been maintained for in a club, on the Internet, through personal ads, through friends, and on the street.

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