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After Delete Entity Listener; import com.core.listener. After Insert Entity Listener; import com.core.listener. After Update Entity Listener; /** * @author matth */ @Component("toj_Hr Event After Entity Listener") public class Hr Event After Entity Listener implements After Delete Entity Listener Hi Matthis, You cannot modify the current persistence context in After-listeners, this is mentioned in the documentation. And the main thing - the same code works smoothly on local system, Using My SQL as database. 1) When I use persistence.create Transaction rather than Transaction, my app hangs - why is that? It means that you shouldn’t use Entity Manager from the current transaction.We kicked off our hunt for JPA implementation patterns with the Data Access Object pattern and continued with the discussion of how to manage bidirectional associations.This week we touch upon a subject that may seem trivial at first: how to save an entity. We just pass the object we want to persist to Entity Manager.persist. JPAUtil; /** * @author imssbora */ public class Save Person Example Hibernate: create table hibernate_sequence (next_val bigint) Hibernate: insert into hibernate_sequence values ( 1 ) Hibernate: create table PERSON (id bigint not null, DOB datetime, FIRST_NAME varchar(255), LAST_NAME varchar(255), MIDDLE_NAME varchar(255), primary key (id)) Hibernate: select next_val as id_val from hibernate_sequence for update Hibernate: update hibernate_sequence set next_val= ? Hibernate: insert into PERSON (DOB, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, MIDDLE_NAME, id) values (? ) Person saved successfullypackage com.boraji.tutorial.hibernate; import Entity Manager; import com.boraji.tutorial.hibernate.entity.

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Final | Maven 3.3.9 | My SQL 5.7.12 | Eclipse Mars.2 (4.5.2)In this post, we will show you how to persist, find, update and remove an entity using the JPA and Hibernate. The following examples demonstrate the use of the above methods. Add the following jar dependencies in package com.boraji.tutorial.hibernate.entity; import Table; /** * @author imssbora */ @Entity @Table(name = "PERSON") public class Person package com.boraji.tutorial.hibernate; import Entity Manager; import com.boraji.tutorial.hibernate.entity. Why would one want to use persist() (which can only create new objects)?Either way will add an entity to a Persistence Context, the difference is in what you do with the entity afterwards.

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