Hot chat examples

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This is where automated canned messages can really help.You can use carefully worded standardized canned messages to automate parts of the conversation and augment your professional profile.In fact, just raising the offer to chat is sufficient to convey a sense of goodwill.Consider allowing customers to browse on your site for a time before raising the offer to chat.This gives them time to get oriented before being interrupted.Action: Identify a list of target pages where you want to increase the conversion rate, and program them to automatically raise the chat offer after a period of 30 – 60 seconds.When customers arrive within a live chat conversation, they should be greeted professionally and with courtesy.

Why does live chat make such a huge difference in conversion rates?

Chat agents also should be alerted when a customer has hit the “send” button during chat.

The alert should be audible, visible, or both, and it can be used to interrupt a busy chat agent and let him know that a customer is awaiting a response.

Live chat has been around for more than a decade, but only recently have companies discovered its profound effect on website conversion rates.

A recent e Marketer paper cited live chat as being directly related to 38% of online purchases.

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