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I get off on having them stand with their hands behind their heads as I lay into them or I make them measure their minuscule dick against minute household objects such as - Biro lids- AAA batteries- Chipolata sausages- Baby carrots Small dick ridicule is by far the most popular and well used of all degrading things a Domme can do.

Remember there is two types of Humiliation there is Physical and there is Mental and all dominatrixes have their own style of humiliation.

Training them to be good little girls and not the sluts that they really are.

Dressing them up to be little tarts and sending them out to earn for Mistress.

So get on your hands and knees loser and get ready to submit to your amazing Mistress on Live cam right now, Domination webcams are available now with real live Mistresses who understand the whole process of submission from weak little slaves like you.

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The most common area of humiliation that any online Mistress will go for to break her slave and let him know that he is not even worthy of the title “man” in her eyes will be the size of his cock.

Select from the live chats below and chat online with our cruel women today Not in the least.

Prices start from around 33c per minute which is practically giving it away.

Find the humiliatrix for you by using the search facility on the site Why yes of course.

I love to force my slaves to don a sissy dress, panties, stockings, strappy high heel shoes, silk gloves and a bonnet and become my maid. I have them serve me and I make them mince around and walk properly.

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