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– If you are in combat this will ensure you are in Berseker stance and intercept.

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-The nature resistance is the same as the bonus for night elves- good in AQ and Mara but a bit low. Legal mumbo-jumbo The () before each number are designed to help navigate this guide.Night Elves -Shadowmeld is great because it allows you to avoid battles you donÂ’t want and allows you to hide and get the first hit with charge.Hold any modifier key (alt/ctrl/shift) and hit the marcro to flip back into Berserker Stance with your 2 Hander.World of Warcraft Warrior Guide (\/)This is bunny (oo)He is the closest thing I can make to ASCII art (o)o)This is why the title is plain text --------------- Version History --------------- V1.0: Guide started v1.01: Guide submitted with the margins fixed v1.1: 29/05/06 Improved layout and put contact details at the start of the guide Updated legal info so sites that advertise gold canÂ’t use the guide Added guide for shamans and updated some others. What race -------------- As warriors can be any race, I would recommend picking your favourite race without worrying about the abilities.

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