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We came up for air, and Tammy leaned back against her door, smiling at me as she pulled her legs up onto the seat.While the Mustang is a classic car, if you've ever been in one then you know they're not exactly made for romance.I pulled back from our kiss, hoping she wouldn't make too much noise.She buried her head in my shoulder and whimpered softly as I began pistoning my cock in her wet tunnel.I eased my ministrations on her muff, hearing her moan in desire for release. " I must have shown surprise at a girl producing a condom, and I could tell she was embarrassed.

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" I blearily regarded Tammy as she stood in front of me, legs apart, hands on her slender hips, her perky nipples poking through her cutoff Hello Kitty t-shirt. Tammy is my step-sister, and although we're the same age and grew up in the same area, until about a year ago, I'd never even met her. Agnes, which is an all-girls Catholic school, while I went to the local public high school.

It really did look beautiful, and I could see it was working some kind of seduction on Tammy. "Oh my God, this is just like I remember my dad's car.

You still have just the AM radio, like his did." The moon came out from behind a cloud, and I could see Tammy's lips glisten in the silvery light. Tammy held the kiss, her open mouth taking my tongue in fully.

It was only mid-June, but she already had a golden tan, and her shoulder length brown hair was beginning to pick up sun streaks from lying by the pool. Our paths had never crossed until one night during our senior year when we met at a house party. "We used to go out with the top down, and the wind would blow my pigtails all over." Tammy grabbed my arm. Show it to me." Tammy and I stepped out of the house into the cool night air.

She was a hot little hardbody, and while she stood there bitching at me, I thought back to that party six months ago, where it all started. "Don't be such a dork, Chris," Tammy said, with an expression that displayed the exasperation and world-weariness that only 18-year old girls can possess. " As I regarded Tammy with my remaining good eye, she leaned over the table across from me, her black spandex shorts hugging her lean, tight ass. She was wearing a tight yellow sweater with a black miniskirt and black knee-high boots. We didn't have many friends in common, but we found enough to talk about that soon she was giving me all the right signals back, batting her big brown eyes at me and twirling her hair. The street was dark, and Tammy took my hand as we walked down the block.

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