James purefoy who is he dating

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As well as his various film and stage roles he has just been on our TV screens playing a barrister in the drama Injustice, and is now appearing again in Camelot, a series about the King Arthur legend.

And physically he has been given quite a few advantages in life, being not only tall and dark but also conventionally handsome.

No smoke without fire, and so on.’ It is a measure of Purefoy’s affable nature that he doesn’t seem to mind this teasing from his actor friend and his publicist.

He has good timing as an anecdotalist and, unusually for an actor, he does self-deprecation well.

They really do just make things up.” They said Sienna was having an affair with a cast member and they had simply gone through the cast list and said “that one will do” and it could have been me, could have been anyone.

So, with notes of caution sounding, these are the biographical details I am pretty sure are accurate.” You have to see the funny side or you would become bitter and sad.’ I’m guessing that this self-deprecation is born of confidence and security.He has never really had to ‘rest’ as an actor, which is quite an achievement.He says, for example, that he can identify with the character he plays in Flare Path because it is a movie star who is instantly recognisable to some and completely unrecognisable to others.‘As an actor you have to get used to receiving gentle little pies in the face,’ he says.

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