Jazz tucker dating fanfiction

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Tucker once expressed jealousy over Danny's ghost powers, wishing for powers of his own and gaining them unknowingly through Desiree, the wish-granting genie ghost in "What You Want." Tucker's powers quickly consumed him, turning him evil, until Danny put a stop to it, eventually restoring him back to normal through the use of the Fenton Ghost Catcher.In "King Tuck," Tucker unsuccessfully tries to run for school president against Dash Baxter.He has used technology to defeat various barriers ranging from hacking into Technus' technological creations, to setting off security alarms. Tucker has also shown to be rather observant as he quickly notices Sam's crush on Danny and is often the middleman between Danny and Sam.Tucker is mildly flirtatious and particularly interested in girls, though every attempt of his to get noticed by one has failed. You come here to THEIR home and try and shoot them! How will the ghost boy know how hot I really am looking like this! Of course I'm importa-" Paulina was cut off when Sam smacked her." You need to learn to shut up. "And how do we know this ghost won't destroy us when we get there? There's a ghost that can get us home" continued Danny.

" Asked an angry Valarie.' I tell him his girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend and he laughs?! Sam looked at Danny with a blank face before bursting into fits of laughter, much like Danny did moments ago." I'm pretty sure Jazz would kill him then mame me if that ever happened." Said Sam." What are you talking about? He is seen as irresponsible with power, using it for personal pleasure rather than the more righteous reasons Danny wields his with.Tucker values Danny as his best friend, seemingly sharing everything with him.Tucker's most serious crush was on Valerie Gray, which ended shortly afterwards, turned off by her status as a ghost hunter and enemy of Danny.Tucker's PDAs are the most useful items of technology used to aid Danny's ghost-hunting and fighting exploits, next to the inventions of Jack and Maddie Fenton.

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