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And in 2012, she returned to DANCING WITH THE STARS for the special all-stars season, where she finished in third place.Monaco has always been happy at GH, and the only major hiccup came in 2009 when the soap put out a casting call for the role of Sam, leaving fans afraid she was on her way out.As for whether she will choose Drew or Jason in the end, only time will tell, so stay tuned!

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Cheryl posted a number of Snapchat videos in recent days of she and Kelly hanging over the holidays and there was not a man in sight! No, alas, the truth is far less interesting, but still fun.

“It was part of the choreography.” So how long did the dance partners rehearse their smooch?

“Endless hours,” Val smirks, with Kelly adding, “We could have done anything, but we kissed like that.”Sounds about right to us!

Kelly Monaco’s family moved to the Poconos before she entered junior high school.

As a teen, she was involved in a variety of sports, including swimming, track, soccer and tennis, as well as drama and speech.

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