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With deep-rooted connections in the intelligence community and a long-standing commitment to helping workers with national security issues, Henault & Sysko Chartered has grown to a comprehensive multi-attorney law firm helping clients not only with security clearance matters but with the full range of legal issues they encounter.

Clients and their family members have come to count on the service, skill and professionalism of our Maryland national security & clearance lawyers for a diverse array of additional matters, including: Henault & Sysko Chartered has a long history of working with government employees as well as employees of government contractors.

Trump, American Media was more than a company they could rely on for friendly coverage.

Trump in the mid-2000s, early in his marriage to Melania Trump.

Pecker, keeping in touch with him and Dylan Howard, a top executive, throughout the campaign. As accounts of past sexual indiscretions threatened to surface during Donald J. Pecker, chairman of the tabloid company, which sometimes bought, then buried, embarrassing material about his high-profile friends and allies. Cohen was not representing anyone in the confidential agreement, but he was apprised of it by Ms. Cohen said he used his own money for the 0,000 payment to her, which has prompted a complaint alleging that Mr. Legal experts also have noted that the payment on behalf of his client may have violated New York’s ethics rules. In an interview, he disputed details of some of his other activities that were described to The Times. Trump’s presidential campaign, the job of stifling potentially damaging stories fell to his longtime lawyer and all-around fixer, Michael D. To protect his boss at critical junctures in his improbable political rise, the lawyer relied on intimidation tactics, hush money and the nation’s leading tabloid news business, American Media Inc., whose top executives include close Trump allies. Cohen’s role has come under scrutiny amid recent revelations that he facilitated a payment to silence a porn star, but his aggressive behind-the-scenes efforts stretch back years, according to interviews, emails and other records. Trump’s campaign began in the summer of 2015, when a former hedge-fund manager told Mr. In early 2016, after a legal affairs website uncovered old court cases in which a female former Trump business partner had accused him of sexual misconduct, Mr. Cohen learned details of a deal that American Media had struck with a former Playboy model, Karen Mc Dougal, that prevented her from going public about an alleged affair with Mr. Mc Dougal’s lawyer, and earlier had been made aware of her attempt to tell her story by the media company, according to interviews and an email reviewed by The New York Times. Cohen played a direct role in a similar deal involving an adult film star, Stephanie Clifford, who used the stage name Stormy Daniels, and who once said she had had an affair with Mr. Cohen, “Michael, please give me a call at your convenience.” Mr. Cohen over the phone that the Mc Dougal transaction had been completed, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Cohen said, “I don’t recall those communications.”Mr. Mc Dougal expressed frustration with what she viewed as foot-dragging by A. Boutrous Jr., who had made a public pledge in October 2016 to defend anyone threatened with legal action by Mr. She was alleging that she had had a consensual sexual relationship with Mr. Mc Dougal’s story was effectively muted by her contract with American Media, Mr. Mc Dougal’s stories, but said that he was “not at liberty to discuss private client information.”In the months after Ms. According to people in contact with her at the time, Ms. in fulfilling commitments made in her contract and with Mr. She reached out to a prominent First Amendment lawyer, Theodore J. The New Yorker published new details, including an interview with her, last week. Davidson’s client list had included the professional athletes Jalen Rose and Manny Pacquiao, as well as gossip-page regulars who placed him in the middle of the sex-tape cases of the “Austin Powers” actor Verne Troyer, the wrestler Hulk Hogan and the onetime Playboy model and MTV host Tila Tequila. Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, when she sought to sell her own Trump story. Trump on “The Apprentice” and the “Miss USA” pageant. La Bella had become the object of an intense Twitter campaign — led by the comedian and ardent Trump critic Tom Arnold — calling upon him to share anything he might know about misbehavior by Mr.

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