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we are youth, characterized by periods of experimentation and a quest for the natural, "we've only just begun." we've begun to discover many of the treasures that life holds for us . we intended to emphasize our natural selves and the three treasures throughout our book, every aspect of framingham south high school is viewed casually and yet realistically , we have stressed the importance of being active in both academics and in extra-curricular activities. joyce, for the many services you have performed not only for the class of 1971 in particular but, for framingham south high school as a whole and for your kindness to and interest in students, we dedicate this yearbook to you.

knowledge, friendship and a chance to become an active part of society.

philip munroe greater than the music in one's mind is the music in one's heart.

soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; candy sale 1, 2, 3, 4: red cross 1, 2, 3, 4; christmas project.- 1. suzanne moreau we know what we are; but know not what we may be.

intramural basketball 2: intramural field hockey 2; variety show 4; pep squad 1. robert moro let us consider the way in which we spend our lives.

"One of my biggest personal accomplishments would be to find out where I am going." since I feel that in order to have a good job and a successful life today one must have a good education. Well, it seems really funny for me to be writing an article for "People on the Way Out." I guess it's because I can still remember soph cheerleader Marie C.

As of now, Debbie admits her goals are ill-defined. So what really happened dowii in New Jersey with our two new Sri cheerleaders? hannum editors, dona goldback ricky goldin staff: erica hayes holly hratko warren kindler ho ward knoff barbara lieberman cindy marco man moo re mimi Wellington s apefully, through Crier publicity, e ideas and decisions of the udent Council will be better dances, the Candy Sale, and the Christmas projects will run along the same lines as last year One •d already, to find t crier staff news, r.

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