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She wakes in a hospital where General Vladimir Korchnoi reveals that he is Marble.

He explains that he was initially patriotic, but grew to feel that Russia was corrupt.

Ivan offers Dominika a choice to begin working for Russian intelligence, or be executed so there are no witnesses. While meeting with an asset in Gorky Park, they are confronted by the police. but insists that he is the only individual whom Marble will work with.

The dearth of effective prevention strategies available to date may reflect a lack of fit between the design of many of the existing programs and the principles of effective prevention identified by Nation et al.

In modern-day Russia, Dominika Egorova is a famed Russian ballerina who supports her ill mother.

This systematic review examined 140 outcome evaluations of primary prevention strategies for sexual violence perpetration.

The review had two goals: 1) to describe and assess the breadth, quality, and evolution of evaluation research in this area; and 2) to summarize the best available research evidence for sexual violence prevention practitioners by categorizing programs with regard to their evidence of effectiveness on sexual violence behavioral outcomes in a rigorous evaluation.

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