Most intimidating intro song

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They pick his brain on technique, songcraft and everything else that’s made the Grammy award-winning Mastodon one of the biggest rock bands of their generation.After lessons are learned and guitars are signed, we grab a coffee with the axeman and explore how some of the patterns he’s been teaching helped him envisage “the roadmap of the neck” that created a fertile breeding ground for brilliantly unorthodox riffs. “I was sitting around backstage and saw someone had written to me asking if I taught.Of all the theme songs wrestling fans mark out to, Steve Austin's iconic theme song has to sit at the very pinnacle of this illustrious list.It all begins with the glass shattering; and then you know what's coming next.Eventually, I thought I’d put an ad up on Facebook and see if other people were interested.I didn’t know how to go about it or what to charge or if I’d even like it.“The first one I did was on the Kvelertak/Gojira tour four years ago and I was terrified somebody would come along that was wickedly good and blow me out of the water: ‘What are you gonna teach me, man… ’ “Playing guitar is still an old-fashioned thing, you have to put the hours into practising.’ This will make you practise that idea of looking ahead.”The legato version was a great workout too…“It’s like doing push -ups for your pinky because of the doubled notes.

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