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health problems or financial hardships as well as to pay their travel expenses or mobile bills. Scammers ask you to assist them in delivering valuable goods e.g.devices, antiques, or jewelry to the third persons.We have to strike a balance between making it easy for people to receive what is due, and having procedures in place to identify and stop fraudulent claims.Online dating sites are aimed at helping single people from around the world find their soulmates.

A gang of Nigerian fraudsters are facing jail for for using the identities of MPs, judges and police officers during a £10million scam.The crew stole personal details from the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC), to make fraudulent claims over a four-year period.Member lists were ‘stolen to order’ from CSSC and used to place orders for tax credit starter packs used in fraudulent claims over a four year period.To that end, they unscrupulously play on your emotions, feelings, and trust by creating fake profiles on Russian and Ukrainian dating sites and using photos of beautiful girls.Likewise, they contact their victims via dating apps, social media, or even call them on phone. Scammers do their best to awaken your interest and romantic feelings: lead intimate conversations and send you gifts, or even book flights and accommodations to visit you – yet they never come. Scammers tell you they need money to fix some personal issues e.g.

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