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We said very little to each other as we cleaned up and got dressed.

I want you to fuck me.' I said eagerly and nervously, like someone getting on a rollercoaster. I had such clarity in the moment about my sexuality.

We were always friendly to each other and enjoyed spending time in hotel bars together on business travel. His mannerisms and lifestyle seemed pretty typical for that. ' He said eyeing my crotch where my penis was increasingly pressing against its confinement. 'Tell me to stop if we're going too fast.' 'I will.' I had no intention of stopping at that point. I get the feeling you are.' I didn't say anything as he stroked me. He worked it up and down while grabbing my scrotum with a firm grip and pulling down. He put one leg on the couch beside me and his hands on the wall. I don't know where that came from, but I just kind of said it without thinking. This story makes me fondly remember the 1st time I was fucked by a man. From the moment I first saw him I was so attracted to him.

I know that sounds prejudicial but in some respects, I guess that's why I enjoyed spending time with him. Tell me if anything makes you uncomfortable or if I move too fast.' 'It's good.' Is what I said but really wanted to jump right in to messing around but slower would be better I reasoned. 'Still ok,' I said watching him rubbing his crotch. He unzipped his pants and slipped his hand inside his underwear. He leaned forward moving his stiff cock close to my face. Now it's your turn.' He put a hand on my head and guided his cock into my mouth. He continued to stroke me, taking me into his mouth, and probing my ass with his finger. After having a drink, we then had a hot make-out french-kissing session.

My first, and only until now, experience was not very satisfying. I wanted to be clean but not appear like I prepped. I wanted to keep things loose,' he said with a smile. I sat on the couch and he grabbed the remote and sat beside me but with some space. After a few minutes if watching each other, I decided to give myself to the moment and to him. It was more than I had imagined all those times I'd masturbated to this fantasy. We found a rhythm and maintained it bringing him close to a climax. He pointed over to the bed and told me to lay down on my back. I would arch and moan and he would smile and then release. It was kind of a power move by him to test my level of compliance. His cock was a good size and even though I was worried at first it ended up not hurting at all. It actually felt wonderful and I remember thinking to myself that he was "making love" to me.

It didn't turn me off to same sex relationships, but did help me identify my mental and emotional blocks to playing with another man. That's what you really meant when you typed that, right? I mean, it's a better situation, sure, but...' 'Let's take our drinks up to my room and see how things go. That's the only reason I'm agreeing to this.' I left the bar and headed to my room. As I stood there naked seeing myself in the mirror, I thought about what was about to happen. I had a water bottle there, so I gave my self a quick cleansing enema. He had changed clothes and was more casual; jeans and T shirt, no shoes. His fingers moved lower and he began to finger my asshole. 'Don't move,' he said as he went to the vanity area. I was so attracted to him that I truly felt that I am "gay" and now that word doesn't bother me at all.

Scroll down for the full gallery of this cuck sharing his wife - and watch how much pleasure she gets from the gangbang!It was a covert way of me experiencing my curiosities. Yes, for many years now I have recognized a leaning towards homosexuality, or at least not 100% straight. We've talked, role played, explored this facet of my sexuality. He began to rub him hand over he crotch and I could tell he was hard. I could see the head of his now stiff cock protruding out. The warmth and soften texture of his skin contrasted against the hard erection. Then we got undressed and sucked each other's cocks.She has always been accepting and supportive, even to the extent of giving me a hall pass for homosexual play dates. Even being out to her made a big difference in how I felt about my interest in sex with men. Have a seat.' I followed his direction mostly because I wanted to show him I would follow. I felt my cock responding to the moment with a growing erection of my own. ' 'Yes.' 'Then you have some catching up to do.' I unzipped my pants and began playing with my cock. It was my first time and it felt so good physically, emotionally and psychologically. He began to slowly stroke me and bringing my hard erection back he let his fingers explore my balls and sack, sometimes squeezing hard to the brink of a dull ache. Then I said that I wanted him to be the 1st man to fuck me.This gallery is a tribute to all real wives and MILFs who have no issues with getting shared by their men.These sluts welcome new cocks all the time, get gangbanged in sex clubs, or fuck the hot black neighbour from above - and it's not cheating because hubby is there and enjoys the show a lot!

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