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The first body turned up in July of 1988, about 30 feet from the road on northbound Route 140 in Freetown, Massachusetts.A motorist who had stopped to relieve herself on the Sunday of the July Fourth weekend came upon the partially clothed, unrecognizable corpse, a bra around its neck – and investigators who soon arrived on the scene could tell the body had been there for months.She was a mother of two girls who had been reported missing by her boyfriend, a man whose numerous run-ins with police made it significant that he would voluntarily walk into a station to make a report.Still, however, the discovery of two bodies near highways around New Bedford in a month did not automatically raise fears of a serial killer.He also believed three others could be at risk: New Bedford woman Robbin Rhodes, who was reported missing on July 28 but hadn’t been seen since the spring; Cape Cod woman Rochelle Dopierala, a 28-year-old who hadn’t been seen for some time; and New Bedford teenager Christina Monteiro, who hadn’t been seen in months.

Less than a month after Debra Medeiros was found, the second body turned up.

‘Now, we’re coming up on 30 years, I realized maybe the point of the book should be hopefully sparking someone’s memory – and perhaps someone will come forward now.’She adds: ‘Nationally, I think that it has been forgotten – and that was the other reason for writing the book.

It began fading from memory.’Dawn Mendes, left, went missing on September 4, 1988, and her body was found in December off Interstate 195; Rochelle Clifford Dopierala was found the same month in a gravel pit about two miles from the interstate It hasn’t faded from memory in New Bedford, however – a former whaling town with a large population of Portuguese descent.

However, he said their relationship had begun soon after her promotion, so had not influenced her appointment.

It emerged the pair jetted off together on four trips to China and one to Miami in 20 along with a third member of staff – at a total cost of more than £30,000.

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