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Nick Di Paolo calls in to be awesome and plug a date at The Stress Factory, the guys talk about Owen’s piano playing, fuckable harp players, stereotyping, Owen’s ex Christina Ricci, and Ian offers up relationship advice.They chat about ambition, Ian’s book “Kardashian Dynasty,” OJ Simpson, Caitlyn Jenner, a new trans superhero, male feminism, the trans community, Ian breaks some Howard Stern news, and Ant reminisces on Stern’s studio.He has done his Education from State University of New York at Plattsburgh. p=2124 Ant starts the show by talking about his plea deal and big disgusting asses, Owen Benjamin and Ian Halperin take a seat to discuss Garrett’s artwork, comedy reaction by race and gender, comparing the present to history, Loretta Lynch, explaining jokes, and a caller tells us about getting fired for being a perv.We are blood and water and air and we are flawed."“To love is to fight. And when we find something we can live for don't ever go. Because in this moment when mine and Amy's love, friendship and endurance has become a living breathing person that needs us, everything else fades.”Owne says he has never loved anyone like he loves Amy, and having Walter has brought a “constant purpose for [their] lives;” he is a reason to get out of bed in the morning.They're these ASPCA commercials that come on late at night because they know when you'redrinking wine and alone.Dating is a hunt for perfection as people swipe on faces.

It ends up he was chatting them up about the Hogg pube idea, seemed like he hadn’t slept for days. Benjamin has a lengthy history of sharing disgusting content on the Twitter platform.

" And he runs,and he comes back, he's like, "Dude,that's the best thing "that's ever happened to me.

You throw that again." I'm like, "How longdo I do this for?

Both parents are faculty members at State University of New York -Oswego. John Kares Smith, is a professor of Communication Studies.

Burnt out conservative “comedian” Owen Benjamin was suspended from Twitter today after tweeting about David Hogg, 17, pubic hairs.

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