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Hyginus Ekwuasi condemns this approach; he submitted that the ideological practice of the CFU films was the “glorification of the coloniser” [Ekwuasi 19].With the attainment of independence, the Colonial Film Unit (CFU) became the Federal Film Unit (FFU).

Gradually, however it fanned out to towns in the immediate hinterland of Lagos and beyond it.

Third, to show the outside world the excellent work being done in the colonies. The CFU was the main producer of films in colony and was funded through the Colonial Development Welfare Act. The unit acquired films and showed them to the people.

All the films were to help the spread of British imperialism (Rosaleen, 1981:5 in Ekwueme, 2000).

Rushes had to be taken abroad for development and other processing coupled with it was the harsh economic scenario in the country, thus many filmmakers opted for the use of video tapes as it was more economical; easily accessible and inexpensive to editing unlike the celluloid.

The 1980s till Date According to Akin Adesokan, the Video film “grew out of benign bootlegging of music videos in a cassette culture…cannibalising the idioms of the soap opera, Yoruba travelling theatre, and remnants from the golden era of the Nigerian cinema”.[Adesokan, Nollywood.net, 2005] By the end of the 1980s, Video films had become the strongest technological medium of popular culture and entertainment in Yoruba urban centres.

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