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This person set up another repair date for April 19. Hi My i Phone is stuck on activation lock I purchased from AT&T store I call to Apple to remove it but they want proof of purchase for remove activation lock from my i Phone Need receipt of i Phone purchase ..!?Imei 353327070203922 I needed to purchase a new cell phone.I would like AT&T to put down sod that is actually alive and make it look like it did before my lawn was destroyed!!!!!!!I already cleaned up most of the rocks so the lawn mower doesn't hit them as well as fixed the huge bolts that had springs in them which I had to take off for the bolts to fit level to the ground (nothing like a trip hazard) very dangerous. You lied multiple times about our bill an the perks you supposedly where letting us have what a joke charging us twice for phones that where supposedly free or we would not have gone this route maybe that's why we havent received a paper bill for 3 months no happy customer here ever wonder why?I was offered one flip phone which is a cheap piece of plastic for 63 dollars and change.But, I can buy 6 of them and still save 500.00 dollars over the smart phone which will only last two years anyway.I have had several issues in the last two months related to Internet and DIRECTV.I've spoken with countless customer service agents and multiple supervisors who have not not only not helped at all but have also been dishonest and none have returned calls as promised.

some one called me from at&t but instead of fixing my problem he just wanted to give me a few bucks and that's makes things alright? then told me he would take phone back but would give the taxes I paid Our beautiful lawn is DESTROYED from your company (AT&T) digging up my yard to put in new lines and the DEAD SOD and ROCKS that was put in to replace the dug up holes looks like TOTAL CRAP and I AM VERY UPSET.I now understand why they are rated the worst of all the carriers for customer service. I came to this store to pay a final bill for a family member.Three people behind the counter and I have been waiting over 30 minutes and no one is taking my money.Even the so called credit cards where nothing as to what you advertised to us amount cut in half per Pam @2 she said would return calls an never had please pull taped phone call if you don't believe this !so why am I receiving so much dung from this so called customer based company you can contact me three the snail mail @ Danny Keeley 1480 ward my rd rome has 30161 of you have the gonads to I'll be waiting today is 5/[email protected] On April13 I made a call to the ATT service department reference my direct tv not working properly.

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