Physical chemistry in dating

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Dating is an exciting and stressful time in a person's life.

Finding the right person is sometimes a challenge due to brain chemistry.

Good communication is essential to ensure a lasting dating relationship.

Communicating with each other early on will help set a good pattern for the future of a relationship.

Men are looking for physical stimulation, while women are seeking to bond with someone.

This difference can create issues once the initial spark is gone.

They become bonded chemically even if it isn't a good fit otherwise.

Understanding that the initial chemical reaction won't last forever will help dating couples be realistic in terms of the future of their relationship.

Mary Johnson-Gerard began writing professionally in 1975 and expanded to writing online in 2003.

This is the key to sexual tension: the build up and then the release. Think of it like a pressurized tank of gas: it has an emergency release valve.

If the pressure grows past a certain point, the tank ruptures; the valve is there to equalize the pressure, keeping it just below the danger zone.

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