Protect yourself from online dating

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An online dating scam can be for all sorts of purposes, depending upon who is running the scam.There are entire teams who work on this, cheating lonely and vulnerable people who are just looking for some love and companionship.Finding a prospective profile is no small job either, considering the sheer number of users on each website/app.It’s a world that’s super connected and all the information overload can be overwhelming, especially to a first timer.They have very few people in their friends list and generally gives the feeling of a hastily set up account. Hesitation about meeting Scammers like to stay safe under a blanket of anonymity, as much as the online dating website will offer.So any suggestion to meet or even video chat is likely to be met with hesitation or lame excuses. Being out of the country Many scammers claim to be U. citizens who are currently out of the country, but will be back soon enough.Some of the apps themselves have security issues; IBM security officials say that 26 of 41 dating apps on Android had ‘medium to high severity’ security risks.How to spot an online dating scam Scammers are smart, cunning people with advanced technical skills, but you can be smarter. We’re not saying that a person who looks like Bradley Cooper, has Bill Gates’ money, and Ryan Gosling’s personality cannot exist, of course he can. Yes, if he sounds like all of it, he probably isn’t any of it! Mismatched personal data Look closely at their profile for mismatching information.

Today, it’s literally available at the click of a button!! Recent research shows that it is just as easy to find your soul mate as it is for someone else to steal your identity – all thanks to online dating scams!If he seems to come online at strange/different times every day or uses a different style of talking/writing every time, beware – there’s probably a team at work here.Also, if they try to take your conversation to personal chats or emails outside the dating site, they’re looking for something else. Inconsistent storylines Someone who’s lying and creating a completely fabricated story for you is bound to slip up sometime and mix up events, timelines, and people. Unnatural photos With photoshop and all kinds of photo editing software floating around, anyone can edit himself in and out of any picture.And this is without even having spoken or met, ever! Tragic stories The money scammers have their own stock files of tragic stories to read out whenever they feel that their victims are now secure in their grip. Abnormal social media profiles Scammers don’t have real profiles anywhere.These stories often have to do with temporary financial hardships, medical emergencies, and life or death matters. As a result, their so-called accounts will have weird pictures of them, without any friends or family.

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