Reality tv dating shows 2016

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See full summary » Stars: Michael Burnett, Jake Phelps, Andy Roy, Elijah Berle In the midst of troubling times Paul and Yuila Coate were scrabbling to make ends meet, until they hit upon a great idea. And thus Seattle's Foxy Ladies coffee chain was ...

See full summary » Andrew Zimmern reveals his personal list of favorite foods, places and experiences that should be on everyone's travel itinerary.

See full summary » Stars: Hitoshi Matsumoto, Jimmy Ohnishi, Toshifumi Fujimoto, Kunihiro Kawashima Two foodies and their cameraman travel the world in search of various foods, trying them at drastically different price points - affordable, middle tier, and luxury - and determining which is the most worth it at its given price.These guys don't just sell parts for diesel trucks and jeeps, they also design and build some of...See full summary » Stars: Diesel Dave, Heavy D, Muscle Ten entertainers pay a participation fee of one million Japanese Yen to enter a room together for six hours.Star: Rocco Rozzotti Abdullah Saeed and his team throw the world's most elaborate cannabis dinner parties, inviting notable chefs to come and create a meal in a kitchen stocked with the biggest selection of marijuana ingredients ever assembled.Stars: Abdullah Saeed, Vanessa Lavorato, Ry Prichard, Lara Jean In this reality-adventure series from the creator and executive producers of "The Walking Dead," experience thrills, chills, and laughter as Pew Die Pie encounters terrifying situations inspired by his favorite video games.

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